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Straight to the point: I don’t do Windows, I’m allergic to cats, perfume makes me gag, the best “Jolene” cover is by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, and golf is not a sport.

Where I've left my mark


Art Director

Freelance for hire

With over 20 years of experience, I deliver award-winning, holistic visual solutions across multiple design disciplines. I help clients tell great stories through compelling and quality visual engagements.


Art Director

Louisiana Publishing, Inc

Louisiana Publishing is a print and web-based publishing house that publishes Louisiana Sportsman, Carolina Sportsman, and Mississippi Sportsman magazines and their web properties. It also publishes the local community newspaper, The Herald-Guide.


Art Director

Louisiana Kitchen & Culture

Louisiana Kitchen & Culture is an intelligent, informed guide to Louisiana’s unique culinary culture and heritage and the many nationalities, ethnicities, and traditions that came together over centuries to shape it today. It provides unique insight into the region’s ongoing culinary and cultural evolution.


Design Manager

Spark Creative Solutions

Spark* Creative Group is a full-service creative agency specializing in packaging, brand development, and digital solutions. www.sparkfl.com


Designer / Production Manager

Cross Country Healthcare, Inc.

Cross Country Healthcare, Inc. (CCH) is a nurse and allied health staffing company bbased on Boca Raton, Florida. CCH also provides strategic workforce solutions, contingent staffing, permanent placement, and other consultative services for healthcare clients. www.crosscountry.com

"You miss 100% of the shots ... if you're really bad."


My story, written by others


“Not only were his artistic skills second to none but his ability to work with 25+ sales reps, with different personalities and skill sets, was a huge asset to our organization. He’s an outstanding individual with leadership skills that can motivate any team to achieve their goals and then some. He is a real go-getter and able to think quickly when many demands are thrust upon him simultaneously. His attention to detail, organizational skills and people skills would help to propel any organization past the competition.”

J. Johnson

Creative Director



“When Rodney joined our company in 2004, he arrived with standards of excellence that quickly propelled him to a star on our marketing and advertising team. From award winning advertising campaigns to well executed and creative events, Rodney was a key contributor to our marketing efforts and successes. His professionalism and creative spirit helped our company win a record seven Addy Awards in 2008.

Rodney distinguished himself by his strong work ethic and friendly demeanor. He was able to communicate at all levels of the organization, including the “C” suite. We were very fortunate to have benefited from Rodney’s talents over the last four years.”

G. Staubb

Managing Director Marketing and Advertising

Cross Country Healthcare, Inc.


“In my two decades of working in the publishing industry, I’ve run across a number of talented designers. Most, however, live with their heads in the clouds, and there seems to be a direct correlation between their graphic abilities and their degree of aloofness.

Rodney is a quite remarkable exception to that rule. He is, far and away, the most talented art director I’ve ever worked with, but he’s also down to earth and practical. I previously didn’t believe such a combination were possible! Rodney’s also exceptionally well-organized and efficient.”

T. Masson

Managing Editor

Louisiana Publishing, Inc.



American Advertising Federation Awards (ADDYS) for Consumer/Trade Campaigns


Louisiana Publishing Association (LPA) awards including Newspaper of the Year and numerous General Excellence Awards


Training Magazine TOP125: Subject Matter Expect

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